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  Theme : GIS – Opening Our World
Today our world is changing and we need ways of understanding and planning our world. GIS is evolving into a new platform: cloud GIS. This is making geographic understanding pervasive. Cloud GIS integrates all types of geospatial data, models, and applications and makes them available as web maps. The cloud is agile and flexible.

Esri Technology is moving GIS to the cloud. A day has already come when everyone can tap into the capabilities of GIS, from people reporting potholes to government agencies via cell phones to farmers accessing maps on the Web to obtain soil, weather, and other data for managing crops.

Everyone is getting more involved in crowd sourcing and social media bringing in real-time information. Responding to such opportunities takes collaboration for sharing data and technology through emerging geospatial platforms. These are very specific ways that our technology will open up the world to more intelligent maps and geographic information being created and managed by our GIS professionals. This means that people are opening up to the idea of geospatially referencing their data with web services, maps, and enhanced capabilities and this will further create an explosion of map-related information and also the dissemination of the work that GIS professionals are doing to a much larger audience.